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Flat Sheets | With DRY FAST Technology

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1 Flat Sheet 

Short Term Rental hosts - welcome to the future and solve your biggest headache at the same time.  If you are like me, you know that same day turnovers offer huge profit potential and yet, are also the biggest headache.  The culprit?  The DRYER.  No matter how many Hosts i've interviewed, property managers and cleaning crews, the dryer is always the bottleneck.  The time it takes to prepare for the next guest is always longer because you are waiting for the dryer.  Or, you get creative and take the laundry to your home or a laundromat to expedite.  All of this adds cost and inconvenience and your time is money.  And you are flushing your profits down the drain with increased fuel and energy costs too.

No longer - I solved the problem for myself and and am now sharing it with you.  These FastDry sheets save about 30% in drying time - a load of sheets now can take as little as 14 minutes!  The cost savings on energy (electric or gas) alone will more than pay for the sheet set.  And, you save on labor too. And best of all, you can now embrace same day turnarounds which really drives profit!

  • FastDry sheets reduce energy and labor costs in the laundry while releasing significantly less CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • Sheets feel great and enhance the guest experience by not compromising on softness or durability.
  • This sheet is available in Fresh White and is approved by the General Services Administration (GSA) to be sold to the US Government
About DryFast® Technology
DryFast® is a proprietary process that permanently infuses fast drying properties into fabric. When used in 100% cotton and cotton/poly blended sheets, we have proven a 30% reduction in drying time. This drying time reduction leads to significant energy and labor savings that translate into a measurable cost savings and environmental benefit. 
Energy/Labor Savings
  • DryFast® Technology reduces drying time by 30%.
  • Reduced cycle times produce a higher productivity rate and reduced costs in the laundry system.
Stain Product Recovery
  • 25% overall reduction in the number of "re-wash" loads due to stains.
  • This reduction resulted in savings of chemicals, labor, and allows more product available to stay in use.
  • 25% reduction in pillowcase replacement cost and 9% reduction in replacement sheet costs.
Enviromental Impact from Reduced Drying Time
  • 34.95% reduction in annual green house gas emissions.
Return on Investment: 41.96%
  • The return on investment(ROI) was calculated as the total annualized savings recorded during our trials divided by the total cost of DryFast® product required for the 3-par used in our trials. (Total Annualized Savings/Total Cost of DryFast®)


5 Star Hotel Collection / Available Sizes:

Fresh White
Twin | 69 x 110*
Full | 84 X 120*  
Queen | 100 X 120 
King | 118 X 120 

200 Thread Count Cotton Rich Blend 
60% Cotton/40% Polyester, Sateen Weave, 30% Faster Dry Time