Fast Dry Sheet

If you’re like me, your biggest headache with using sites like Airbnb, VRBO or Homeaway is the cleaning after guests checkout.  I used to shy away from same day turnarounds.  That limited window of cleaning is fraught with risk – if the departing guest checks out late, you risk a negative first impression if your short term rental is anything less than perfectly clean.  

In fact, in guest satisfaction reports, cleanliness is one of the highest factors in their review ratings – -specifically both the bedroom and bathroom.

After years of hosting (and achieving and maintaining Airbnb Superhost status), I’ve learned where the biggest bottleneck is for all hosts and cleaning teams.  Ready?

The DRYER!  

In fact, in some busier airbnb homes, Hosts are starting to install either commercial sized dryers or two dryers to handle the demand.  However that seems excessive, expensive, and a massive waste of energy, fuel, and money.

I recently solved this problem in a more environmentally friendly, budget minded way.  I discovered, tested, and started using a patented fast drying bed sheet.  The bed sheets are similar in concept to advanced workout clothes that increase wicking. The water is wicked away from the natural fibers and therefore the fibers absorb less water.  

In short, the sheets get washed, but retain less water. Once they’re in the dryer, they are nearly dry.  Scientific tests show:


  • a reduction in drying time of 30%
  • a cost savings from fuel / electricity of over 40%.

    So, just like professional athletes would never wear ordinary natural fibers during games, we Superhosts (and future super hosts) should not be using standard sheets.  By using these advanced sheets (that feel amazing to the hand, touch, skin), you will save hours a month drying bed sheets and also hundreds or dollars per year.  These sheets will literally pay for themselves in short order.  Not to mention, actually generate revenue by encouraging you to accept same day turnarounds.

    So, starting today in 2017, quick drying bed sheets are now available and will become the de facto standard for all knowledgeable Hosts.

    Give it a try, I know you’ll love it and outfit not only every bed in your home with them, but every home you manage as you expand your short term rental empire.